Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can someone say, Owl Intervention!?

I've got it bad! This owl collecting simply must stop. It's beginning to get a little creepy around here. Like the crazy cat lady, except ... it's owls.

It all started with this owl planter a few years ago ... Then came these cute little pieces by Traci Hutson. Then a set of vintage coasters, I just had to have. Swearing to be the last owl entering my house.
But then one day at Room Service, there was this owl light. With marble eyes. That was amazing. So I bought it, of course. And yes, it is still, amazing.
And who could resist these great 70's owl pillows (via craigslist). Swearing no more!!!
But then, and this is it, swear ... amazing print for my kids' room. Found during E.A.S.T.
I am declaring that no more owls shall enter my house, ever again. Because really ... it's gotta stop.

*There's the owl Christmas ornaments I have ... but we won't go into that. Because then, I'd look real crazy ... hoarders crazy.

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