Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 EAST Austin Tour Art Wrap Up

One of the highlights of living in Austin is EAST - the best collection and chance to see Austin artists. While I had to cut my usual massive artist list down because of cold and rainy weather, I still had a rad time overloading on Austin artists. Inspiring. A few of the many ....
Jessica Wagner. There's something methodically dreamy about her work that draws me in. Second year to see her work, and equally impacted as the first. I love her unique style. Saving to make this piece mine!
Bob Schneider. Never really paid much attention to his music, but his art, striking, and demands your attention. Still thinking about his show.
Always love Industry. How right on is this?!
Up Collective. Man, Jonathan Biehl - his work is big and bad and pulls you in. Stunning is an understatement. His faces/portraits/face interpretations are breathtaking.
OK Dana Brown is genius. This piece (on the left) - he cut out periods from magazines and arranged them by size. Love. And don't even get me started on the intensity of his other collage pieces - meticulously cutting tiny pieces of color to create the solid colors (as seen on the right). Remarkable. His obsessive detail blows my mind. Zoom in on the picture to appreciate the detail.
Kevin Munoz. Dang I love this piece! His studio (within OK Mountain) was great, loved everything I saw.
And the perfect plunger award goes to OK Mountain. Kinda makes you wanna clog their toilet so you can use the trophy. Batter up.
Jason Terracina. Yeah, I want one.
Stopped for a beverage break - only to be met by this - quite possibly the worst adult beverage selection I have ever seen in my life.
These pieces were at Co-lab Projects, probably my favorite curated show on the tour, entitled "Conspectus: Two Thousand Thirteen." Loved just about every piece in the show - loved the general vibe of the space. Really, a great gallery/instillation.
Yellow Jacket Social Club. Stopped in for a beer break/break from the lame cold weather and found this: Rich Cali via the Common House. Something complex in the simplicity.
 Adreon Henry And Jen Bradley. These two create the best art installations you will experience. From the visual to aural - you are engaged and required to mentally participate. My kind of party. Always my favorite art experience. Always.

I sure do love Austin artists. Continue to rock me. And to all who came out to see our show - mad thanks!