Thursday, May 8, 2014

Big Medium's WEST 2014 is Here!!

Two weekends of the Westside's best art. We will be one of the many stops --- so hit us up (location information below). We'll be blowing out lots of pieces -- here's a couple of new ones.
"Handjob" - "She's Handy" - "Multi-tasking" This piece has so many titles - we just can't decide.
And it's stacked on 3 colors of plexi - art from all angles.
 "1962 Black Velvet" Sleek black plexi on black frame -- our take on the black velvet paintings - collage style.

WEST 2014
Stop #9 in the catalog/on the map
3113 Carlisle Dr (in the back office studio)
May 10 & 11
May 17 & 18

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yellow ... It's the New Everything

Without even realizing it, I have become addicted to yellow, and in particular, this color of yellow plexiglas. Every piece of art made, my immediate gut reaction,  "Let's assemble it on yellow." 

 And then the ultimate happened -- someone ordered a plaque -- on opaque YELLOW plexiglas.
It looks unbelievable -- and their house, will be noticed. In love.