Friday, February 20, 2015

Art Show at Black Star Co-op

For the next month we will have all kinds of art up at Black Star Co-op. A mix of old and new pieces to check out while you drink rad craft beer and eat rad food.
"Thought Bubbles" - think American Horror Story.
This is a piece we decided to reworked and have the most ridiculous crush on. It's huge and rocks when you see it in person. "Barbarella Gets a Facelift."
Super close-up of the reinvented Barbarella piece. 
 A section of "Double Life." She plays housewife by day and then kicks it with her homies at night.
 "1969" - original Chinese propaganda poster from 1969 cut up and redefined.
 "Joan" caught up in all kinds of light confusion. Since all of our pieces are captured within plexiglas it makes it tricky to get pictures because of the reflections. Check them out in person to get the real vision.
Stop in, grab a beer and give us a look. Soft opening Wednesday February 25th. 7020 Easy Wind Dr Suite 100.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hundreds and Hundreds of Modern Address Plaques

Digging myself out and back to reality. Just finished up a big apartment complex address job. Super rad and pumped to take it on but I'm not gonna lie, it definitely took over my life for a few months. When you come home one day to see this:
5 boxes packed with house numbers, you know it's time to get busy. The job consisted of lots of single address plaques plus directionals. My kitchen turned into a production line. 

And then the directional plaques were on grey plexiglas, which really made the cool ribbon style modern house numbers pop.
 Very clean lines, giving the plaques a nod to mid century but really just keepin' it clean and modern.
All shipped off to California ... not to catch up on everything else!