Friday, September 14, 2012

To Quote Ice Cube ...

"Today was a good day."

It was so nice working on plaques today.
For a change, there was a cool breeze blowing (if you live in Texas you know what I mean), no mosquitoes making me crazy .... and distant sounds of thunder. I don't really get excited about thunder anymore, because usually thunder never brings the rain in Austin these days. But then, there were sprinkles.
Followed by a mass of dark clouds ...
that opened up and let it rip like we haven't seen in a long time.
I know the whole city is in a better mood today. 

"I got to say, it was a good day."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tim Kerr Will Not Be Televised

Who knew going to a skate shop (Apparition Skate) on a Friday night would land me with such a rad art score!? If you like art or music, than certainly you know about Tim Kerr. There I was sipping a beer, corralling our kids while my husband piddled around looking at skateboards and dudes' skating and the like, when there appeared Tim Kerr himself along side such a great piece of art! 
Yeah, that moment pretty much sealed the deal. The art was killer, and Tim Kerr was more than gracious to talk about the piece. So hyped to own such an amazing piece with such amazing subject matter. I, of course, immediately framed out the art (painted on cardboard) with a plexiglas frame.
And since it's in my kitchen,
the plexiglas will protect it from all the grease slinging that goes down (let's just say our Fry Daddy works overtime).