Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Installation

Well, not exactly an art installation ... at all. More like, I finally hung new art in my house. Which is no easy task. My house is loaded, dare I say, overwhelmed with art. Every wall has something hung, grouped, paired, or stacked together. So in order to make room for the new art, something had to come down. I have had this super awesome vinyl sticker by Jeremyville on my wall for several years. Totally love it. It took hours for me to put it up. Stressful tedious hours. I swore I'd never take it down. Ever.
But then this starting happening. Not so cute huh? So down it went. After years of me badgering my kids to keep their hands off the sticker, man, they really went to town ripping it down. And up went the art. But of course it's never that easy. I had to clean the walls of sticker residue. Rearrange the art many times. And then patch up those holes. I ended up saving a few pieces of the vinyl sticker. Just couldn't part with it. I think the art looks fab, and I love how the they work together, becoming one piece of art. These pieces are a bit out of my comfort zone. Much less literal than I usually gravitate towards. Spicin' it up a bit.

Now, if I can just keep them all hung straight ... and hang the rest of the art I have stashed away with equalled success.

*Artists include:

Randy Muniz via Industry
Jack King
Misha Blaise
Andrea Heimer

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