Saturday, November 15, 2014

EAST Austin Studio Tour Stop #28

Let's do this!
Plus, there's 4 other artists and the space is loaded with rad art - seriously.

EAST Austin Studio Tour Stop #28
Guest of Janna Sammon
2009 Airport Blvd
November 15-16 and November 22-23 11a-6p

Saturday, November 8, 2014

EAST Austin Studio Tour 2014

It's time for the yearly massive overload of art. EAST!!! This studio tour is the best time to see tons of Austin artists and have a great time. Our show, "Degenerate," will consist of almost all new pieces that we are super pumped to show - a definite evolution has happened with our work in the last year. We will be showing with 4 other rad artists. Swing by for a hang and a look at lots of art. Let's talk art and drink a beer.
 "Bombed" --- Valley of the Dolls style, right!?
Man, do we love her --- this girl don't play.

Modplexi, guest of Janna Sammon #28
2009 Airport Blvd
November 15-16 and November 22-23 11-6pm

We'll be exposing it all.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Modplexi Mixtape: Patty Pravo

One of the most amazing videos. Worth every second of your time. She is so classic.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Modern Arts Museum of Fort Worth

Living in Austin, I certainly get my mad dose of art - art in every notion fathomable. But I have to say, every time (ok, it's only been two times) I go to Fort Worth I am in serious art geek mode. The whole vibe of their art district or whatever they call it is great. My visit to the Modern Arts Museum was killer. Two videos I took - showing a glimpse of the immense collection/diversity they were currently showing. 
Sean Scully. The "holy mother of this moment" factor of this exhibit was not lost on me.
Kenny Scharf. The "holy shit I am in the most amazing New York apartment closet ever" was not lost on me. One of the best sensory overloads I have ever experienced. The video is sketchy because I had to sneak it, but I had to video this unbelievable stimulated moment of everything that is good and right and good and perfect and utter chaos and good. And did I mention, good?

Play both videos at the same time for the best viewing.

Monday, October 20, 2014

DUE EAST Group Exhibition

It's so close to EAST 2014 - I can not wait!! It's a win win - I get to show lots of pieces of art and I get to see lots of art. This is our submission piece for the group exhibition and kick off party, DUE EAST

 "Eyed" is the name of this bad boy, and the longer your stare, the creepier it gets.

DUE EAST  1501 E 6th St. November 6th 6-10pm

EAST Austin Studio Tour Nov 15-16, Nov 22-23 Stop #28

* and yeah, it is kinda weird that this piece matches the blog colors. yellow yellow yellow -- so addicted!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Seventh Motel

A recent commission piece turned out so rad. Love it so much, one of the biggest pieces we've made. Had a hard time getting a picture without reflections. "The Seventh Motel."
Installed right over her amazing couch (and dog!).
A couple of close ups of the various cameos.