Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Kids are Alright

Because of the plexi biz, our girls get dragged around a lot - which they don't like. They also don't like that we won't share our art supplies (like hot pink duct tape) and think it's perfectly okay to cut up their favorite books.

One of my girls had to go with me to meet a client. She wasn't happy. I bribed her with gum. That got her in the car. At the stop, she found my camera and asked if she could take pictures, which I happily agreed too. She was SO EXCITED to show me her pics.

Typical little people pictures. But the next shot made me laugh out loud.Wow. I really wasn't paying attention.
At all.
She explained she was trying to show that the cat was alive. I guess she's creative like her momma.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Traci Hutson

It all started with our annual visit to Blue Genie. We always get overwhelmed, so Wendy and I met up to confirm what was fabulous and we couldn't live without. It was instant love when we saw the ceramic work of Traci Hutson.

This was a Christmas gift from my family. (Wendy clued the hubby in because, well, that's what good friends do!)
Then Wendy got smart and went back for more. This is hers.
And this.
And these!
Traci has this way out there style that pulls together random shapes and things (like body parts) into really rad amazing pieces, topped with spot on colors and finishes. Girl got it going on! Check out her website for more of her work and where you can get yours. Seriously, she's like the mad Frankenstein scientist of ceramics.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Kingdom of Unfinished Projects

Don't worry ladies, we're both not THAT perfect. While Wendy and I both share the passion to create things, my projects usually fizzle out. As evidence by my front porch.

I too have an awesome planter that I found at a garage sale. Circa 1960's and matches perfect with my house.

Here's my stick that I have grand plans to paint gold - one day- to add some bling. It's only been sitting there for a few years.

My daughter thought she'd add to my vision.

These are not clean lines, modern or kitsch, but ALWAYS at my front door.

So is Buda.

And my rocks only represent a hole I covered up. I did have a fountain but the pump broke after a few months. I dug it up, couldn't get the pump to work, had it uncovered for two more months before I decided I didn't want to buy a new pump and filled it back in. The end.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Kigdom of Kitsch

When I moved to Austin some 3 1/2 years or so ago ... some things had to change. The reason ... moving into a smaller house. The result ... less space for the knick-knacks and such. 4 people in a small house is a recipe for clutter just with the day to day things of living. Simply put ... girl, get rid of some stuff. I did, but my need for the kitschy clutter just wouldn't die. Thus was born, the Front Porch of Kitsch ... the place where all things non relevant to living, but necessary, end up. First, I ripped all the plants out of the front planter and installed homemade mushrooms and such. Then came another mushroom, some painted driftwood, and the loveliest of lovely pink flowers. I got this super rad planter ... and tricked it out. Then added lots of fun mini-planters. And finished off the last "inch" of the porch with this fake palm that was my grandmothers. It was always next to her rocker in her living room ... now it's right next to my glider.