Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Austin Modern Home Tour 2011

Going to a modern home tour is kind of a double edged sword. Amazing eye candy and inspiration - but in the same breath - crushing because the houses are so rad it makes me, um, strongly dislike my house and green with house envy! But they have sh** like everyone else. I know because I stepped in it.

I really appreciated how the tour covered a gamut of house styles. All modern, but within the idea of modern, there was a full range. Here's a few we checked out.

Had a teen girl crush on the 9th St. house. An amazing mesh of modern and natural.

Open, sunny, and airy.

The division between interior and exterior living is seamless.

The Mary St. house had mad personality. A really fun house, from the building to the decor. I wish I had a picture of the front door, cuz it was fabulous. Of all the homes we saw, this one felt the most "Austin."

I was really pumped to check out this one. As I loved how they managed to give the exterior a modern, but still very mid-century look.

However, the interior was a let down. It was nice, but felt way to track home-ish. Did have some good accents and rad art though ...

While not on the tour, we did come across this house. Face it ... this house is ridiculous!

And then came the mac daddy. The most tricked out amazingly perfect thing I've ever seen. Everything about it kicked ass. Perfect ... drool worthy ... the biggest house crush a person could have.

Beautifully open, endless window walls, perfect location. Seriously, the whole package.


Thanks to Scott & Tom for photos.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Motherload of New Collage Art

We are so excited about our new batch of art. Not to toot our own horn, but really, we love love LOVE every piece and think they're all kickass! Been cuttin' and trickin' it all out for weeks. All available on Etsy.

"Miss Divine Peacock" did it in the study with the knife. Now she's swimming with the fishies.

"Mad Men Vampires" Hot women lusting for blood. Each a different 'fashion' of vampire.

"Jailbait" was beginning to show her age, so we gave her a bit of an ... overhaul, a little nip and tuck ...

"Torrid Latin Love" ... his manly urges got him in trouble. Now, he must beg for forgiveness.

"Legwarmer Warrior II" These fierce 1980's ladies don't play. You touch their legwarmers and they'll cut ya.
"Hot Pants" ... the perfect background to accentuate a hot ass, agreed?