Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coming on loud in 2011

Cutting, collaging, changing, modifying, screwing, drilling.
Ridiculously fabulous ModPlexi designs coming your way. Reinterpreting the past one piece of plexi at a time.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Merry Plexi Christmas ...

Just a few of our favorite christmas ornaments ... may not be the fanciest, but we love them anyway. Memories from San Antonio. I adore tin ornaments.
Not sure why I love this dirty ol' gal. Looks like she lived a hard life. Too much Jager maybe.
What can I say, I have an unhealthy love for Hello Kitty, and all things Smurf. My family has had these, a set of Nutcrackers, forever. My mom had them made a million years ago. I love this fella in particular. Notice the hands. When I was a kid, my dog, Chiquita, ate them. There were other causalities, such as the Chinese dancer who "lost" his hair. We learned to not hang them on the low branches. I love this one from my childhood. It's survived many a Christmas tree. That's just how we roll.

See y'all in the new year.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Genie Art Bazaar time

You know you're at Blue Genie when you see this ... Lots and lots of crazy big things! While there doesn't seem to be as much art this year, there's oodles of, well, oodles of extremely wonderful kitsch - that you need! See I told you, you need this, right!? Saloon kitty all beauty parlor-ed up. Wonderful jewelry. Bomb ass owl planter. Super kooky cool shrooms for your planters. These terrariums were wondrous little worlds. I'd kill for this candy dish, kill for it.
Yes, this is as fabulous as you think, and more. There's a series of maybe 3 or 4 and they are all super rad. Because it's Texas and we love Lone Star. For the Burt Reynolds lover in your life. The pinnacle of kitsch. Lovely little girly who eats rabbits.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Holidaze

We ladies are spinning. Not only did we just finish working our tails off for E.A.S.T (thank you for all the love!), we now are stepping into, well, the holiday spirit. Super thick with it. Christmas has officially thrown up in my dining room and the pressure to perform is on. Us moms have to have perfectly decorated houses, perfect gifts for everyone (wrapped and arranged in an artful display) and the perfect meal to serve that not only looks delicious, but taste delicious too. Never mind we have to work, volunteer at kids holiday events and still run the household - all while hung over from all the parties.

So, in classic woman-overwhelmed-fashion, I go into deep denial and opt for hitting up every art fair I can in search of new decorations and fab gifts. Avoid the obvious at all cost. Luckily for me, Austin is full of diversions. There’s the Cherrywood Art Festival, Blue Genie and Armadillo Bizarre to name a few. Then there’s always an afternoon to walk down South Congress Avenue or hit up every thrift store along Burnet Road.

Although this technique might not be the most efficient, I’ve gotten some pretty awesome gifts from it all. And maintained my sanity.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We're reaching coast-to-coast y'all and beyond. All the way to Hawaii! Half way to Asia, yep.
Wish I was following!