Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cricket Season

Seriously, my yoga studio is full of crickets and they're invading my house too.
Luckily, this amazing cricket light I got from Traci Hutson is in no way, shape, or form kin to the funky crickets invading Austin. Actually, I saw this number at Blue Genie last year and finally had a little extra cash to spend, so there you go.
The detail is awesome. I have it in my shelf, but it looks pretty amazing mounted on the wall too.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ladies of Collage

Man oh man have we been all kinds of busy putting together some new collage work. Our latest show is at Hyde Park Grill down south. We have tons of pieces lookin' all fabulous and maybe a little racy. OK yeah, even raunchy. Because ... that's how we role.  The latest pieces have a universal theme of hot ladies, being well -- hot.
We can not get enough of her bubbles.
 Goldie and her squid patrol.
Trust me ... she's a real stunner.
 Then there's the "Queen of the Insects." In charge.
 Triangular sex appeal. She's got that.
 And oohhhh the Huntress. She don't play. Me-oooow.
"Mushroom Jungle." Never trust a lady in praying mantis form.
And seriously ........ never. Ever. Trust a wolf.
Steal your lady every time.
Stop by Hyde Park Grill (south location) for a close up of all these pieces and a lot more. A solid mix of new pieces and classics.