Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This is Austin, and whether you like it or not, facial hair is a big part of our culture. Urban Skep and Pump Project teamed up to put together a show to celebrate this hipster trend. Our good friend Magda Sayeg teamed up with Dave Mead to create this trio of "Wolly Specimens".

 It was exciting to see all the different takes on it though. "Bearded Lady Buck" by Cricket Burwell was one of my favorites.

 I love the blues and greens of "In the Good Old Days" by Hannah Reinhold.

"Such a Lovely Lady" by Nikki Sorrells has the same feel of what we started doing and I love it. The 70's black velvet feel is spot on.

Katie Cowden was a crowd favorite. "Great Poseidon's Beard!" looks pretty simple until you look at it for a while and see mermaids and fish swimming.