Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Traci Hutson

It all started with our annual visit to Blue Genie. We always get overwhelmed, so Wendy and I met up to confirm what was fabulous and we couldn't live without. It was instant love when we saw the ceramic work of Traci Hutson.

This was a Christmas gift from my family. (Wendy clued the hubby in because, well, that's what good friends do!)
Then Wendy got smart and went back for more. This is hers.
And this.
And these!
Traci has this way out there style that pulls together random shapes and things (like body parts) into really rad amazing pieces, topped with spot on colors and finishes. Girl got it going on! Check out her website for more of her work and where you can get yours. Seriously, she's like the mad Frankenstein scientist of ceramics.