Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Crafty

We were asked to be part of an art show with a "music theme" for Hyde Park Grill during SXSW. Well, duh, of course! We're both music freaks and it was a chance for us to work together on art pieces (aka drink beer). The process was so much fun - and we're pumped with the results.

We decided to do art pieces based around songs. Half the fun was coming up with the songs.
The first one that came to fruition was Steve Miller Band - "Space Cowboy."
This one happened like magic. Came together perfectly. Then the brainstorming started. We really wanted to do "Maneater" by Hall and Oates. After a few hours of digging through magazines and drinking beers, we found her. Watch out boy she'll chew you up (sorry, couldn't resist).Notice Nelly?Which brings us to the hip-hop theme. We knew we had to do a Beastie Boys song, well, just because. But couldn't think of which one. Hung over one Sunday morning I dug through magazines and found this hot little lady.She's crafty, yo.Last, we had this amazing pic of Angela Davis we'd been saving for something special. We found it.Public Enemy "Fight the Power."So simple. So powerful.

We have art at both Hyde Park Grill locations during March. So check-ch-check it out.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all !

    That beer that you drink is obviously full on liquid creativity !

    So cool !!!