Thursday, February 2, 2012

Owl Art

That's right owl art! Since I clearly have an obsessive love for owls, what could be better than making owl art!? Bam - making owl art for a friend, of course. The whole process of creating for friends is rad because you get to include nuances that may not mean a thing in the world to others, but certainly bring home the bacon for said friend. My only parameter on the piece was to include an owl. End result - "Forrest of Knowledge." It's a little dark and leaves lots of open doors for interpretation. I like that. And look at the shadows. If I do say so myself ... awesome! And, it comes with it's very own mixtape. Since music is such a big part of Modplexi, thought it would be a great bonus/surprise to open up the package of art, and find a mixtape waiting there. Loaded down with tracks inspired by the art. A win win!!

Thanks M. for the opportunity.

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