Sunday, November 28, 2010

E.A.S.T. 2010

Yeah boooeeeyyy! My most favoritist thing in Austin is the E.A.S.T. Austin Art Tour. I plan and hype myself up for it every year. THE best chance to see loads of rad art, all on the east side. This year, while not quite as mind blowing as last year, was still gangbusters amazing and a complete art overload. Check out a sampling of the goods: I love John Mulvany's work. It is so gorgeous and heavy with impact. Takes my breath away.
This is the piece I wanted more than any piece at EAST. But alas, I couldn't afford. It is me on so many levels. I love Adreon Henry's work and own smaller pieces from him, but nothing like this. Someday you will be mine JR. Ridiculously cool metal work. Rocked! I don't remember who what where when or why this photo is from. A backyard with lots of Mexican wrestler themed goodies. I walked away with a rad Mexican wrestler pillow. This screen was on the wall of Bearded Lady. There's a great story that goes with it, but I can't remember! Talk about amazing talent. Rob Rough takes the notion of bleach and denim to a whole new level. Yes that's right, his art is made with bleach ... ridiculous right!? You can't deny the power of glitter. No one rocks it better than Sue Zola. This piece (check out the detail) and the two pictures that follow were at Flatbed Press. What to say, except astounding. These two wood cut pieces gave me chills, literally. They were so amazing. Terribly moving with impact. Really. Lastly, this is the piece of art I bought, by Jeffrey Swanson. Oddly enough, I bought a piece from him last year too. Explosive mixed media. Can't wait to do it all over again next year.
Pics by Roberta & Denise. Driving by Jackie.

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