Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diary of some clueless ladies

Since y'all keep buying our art, we thought we might take a chance and be in the East Austin Tour. With a little help from our friend j.haley, we got hooked up with Starving Art Studio off of East Cesar Chavez. So yep, we're in the tour..... and we are hyped!

Our two OCD selves are all about the presentation, so we got to some painting.
Of course we can't do anything simple, because our minds be playing tricks on us.

We were a little worried, but it actually started to look good. We gotta thank Nelly (who tried to avoid the camera) for a lot. Especially her knot tying & beer buying skills.

We even have security!

You've got two weekends to check out the goods. Either November 13th and 14th or November 20th and 21st. There's no better time than E.A.S.T. to see art in Austin.

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