Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kiddy Art

We know the frames are abstract and difficult to imagine. The possibilities are endless, so we thought we'd show y'all a few more ideas.

One of our clients came up with the bright idea to frame her daughters Basquiat inspired art. This urban art is exactly what fits our industrial edge.

The back piece of plexi is actually a light blue color, but once you put it against the green wall, it just pops into that vibrant blue. Something we never thought of. The art also looks crooked, but let me assure you the paper was cut crooked. It's not an actual Basquiat. The fishing line is not cut yet. You gotta let it hang for a week and let the line stretch before you cut down to size. Patience people.

Speaking of patience, check out her home remodel. I think it was two months over due, but well worth the wait.

Her great idea inspired me. My daughter made an abstract I loved for it's vibrancy and Wendy and I wanted to do something special.

I think we did.

Essentially, it's a mounted on top of a cut piece of a shower stall. Hence the potty shot, but it works, no?

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