Monday, January 11, 2010

1950's Icon

I was walking in Garden Ridge Pottery this weekend and saw a package of these.

Which made me smile for so many reasons. I have a lot of memories with these birds, but my favorite one is with Wendy.

She had bought her first house. A fabulous 1950's ranch style house with the original refrigerator. I was years away from buying a house and so jealous. Of course Wendy funked it up so much more with some paint and numerous pieces of mid-century furniture, including a few bars (This was pre-kids day when we had extra money along with spare time to paint and drink).

I bought her a set of these birds for her housewarming present. She was ecstatic. I remember her hubby mumbling something about how they could only be put up in the back yard.



  1. This post made me smile. Just today I was thinking that most of my plants would be dead by Spring, due to the unexpected freezing temperatures here in Austin. Then, I thought of pink plastic flamingos and I smiled. I may not have flowers in the Spring, but I will have some color.

  2. Awww, thanks Racheal! I suspect this spring I might have to do some type of "installation" with the birds in my backyard too. I'm HOPING that the roots to all the plants are alive and we have a wet/mild Spring and then everything explodes with growth. One can have hope.....