Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My door, oh my door.

Oh how I love this door, especially when I bought it 2 years or so ago off of Craigslist.

It was going to “make” my house look amazing, it was going to set my house apart and radiate pure “mid-century greatness.” It has all the components of what I love: shades of blue, Plexiglas (and perhaps polyurethane) and well, just loads of amazing style. I could just see it hung, with some fab. shiny silver knob and lock. When the sun hits it, the colors look crazy gorgeous.

Well, 2 years later, it is sitting in my garage … with that unfortunate feeling of it will never be a part of my house. My hubbie, with all his practicality swears it can not be hung correctly. Such minor details as it opens the wrong way and it doesn’t come with a frame seam to be getting in the way of my dream. So for now, it stays stashed away in the garage, waiting for the miracle of a free handy man to rescue it and place it in it’s proper place … my front porch.

1 comment:

  1. I ordered a door from Crestview doors and it stayed, unfinished in my garage for a year and a half while I obsessed on what color to paint it. Sometimes it takes awhile. Sadly, doors do not install themselves. That is one kick ass door!