Thursday, December 10, 2009

If the house is a rockn', don't bother knockn'

I have problems. I don’t like new stuff. I have been known to buy a new piece of furniture at a store, only to sell it and buy a 50 year old, beat up set to replace it. That needs to be reupholstered and refinished, but I can’t help it. I like stories.

My house, that I love, had the original 1960’s vintage tile bathrooms, in good shape, the original kitchen cabinets with hardware and other things I just loved. Like this.

Yep, it’s a knocker. On my bedroom door. Short enough for a child to reach. And in the whole house, our bedroom is the only lock that works.

What’s amazing to me is this is clearly something that probably was installed by the original owner. And it’s still there. That gives me nothing but warm fuzzies to know that all the folks who lived in this house before me, obviously had a good sense of humor . Or maybe they just found it super useful .

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