Sunday, October 26, 2014

Modern Arts Museum of Fort Worth

Living in Austin, I certainly get my mad dose of art - art in every notion fathomable. But I have to say, every time (ok, it's only been two times) I go to Fort Worth I am in serious art geek mode. The whole vibe of their art district or whatever they call it is great. My visit to the Modern Arts Museum was killer. Two videos I took - showing a glimpse of the immense collection/diversity they were currently showing. 
Sean Scully. The "holy mother of this moment" factor of this exhibit was not lost on me.
Kenny Scharf. The "holy shit I am in the most amazing New York apartment closet ever" was not lost on me. One of the best sensory overloads I have ever experienced. The video is sketchy because I had to sneak it, but I had to video this unbelievable stimulated moment of everything that is good and right and good and perfect and utter chaos and good. And did I mention, good?

Play both videos at the same time for the best viewing.

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