Thursday, May 8, 2014

Big Medium's WEST 2014 is Here!!

Two weekends of the Westside's best art. We will be one of the many stops --- so hit us up (location information below). We'll be blowing out lots of pieces -- here's a couple of new ones.
"Handjob" - "She's Handy" - "Multi-tasking" This piece has so many titles - we just can't decide.
And it's stacked on 3 colors of plexi - art from all angles.
 "1962 Black Velvet" Sleek black plexi on black frame -- our take on the black velvet paintings - collage style.

WEST 2014
Stop #9 in the catalog/on the map
3113 Carlisle Dr (in the back office studio)
May 10 & 11
May 17 & 18

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