Thursday, May 2, 2013

China invades WEST Austin Studio Tour 2013

OK ... not really, but we've got a couple of pieces lined up for the second weekend of WEST that come from China. I'm lucky enough to have a sister living in China who sent me a stack of amazing prints from China - ranging from the 1950-60's. Cut them up, collaged them, and put it all together inside plexiglas.
 We are talking original Mao propaganda here. "Girl Power."
The bonus on this piece, "Bug Killas," the collection of bugs included are originals by Jaelah Kuehmichel (stop #44). And the rest of the prints we still have to work on - well, let's just say the Chinese were really into selling products with two women, and one boob.

Come by to see these and our other rad pieces!
And of course to hang with us, talk art, and sip beers!

Tour: #19 on the map
6701 Burnet Rd (right behind the Pour House)
May 4th & 5th 11-6

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