Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reinventing the Planter

There's always some type of project going on at my house. Fixing up, redoing, painting, gluing ... I'm sure you can relate. All too often though things don't quite end up how I envisioned or I get distracted and never finish. This time, however, my project turned out exactly like I was hoping, & I freakin' love it! I got this urn looking planter from my mom.
Boring. Enter in a can of spray paint & bam, a badass is born.
I usually mess up when I spray paint because I glob it on and it inevitably drips. This time, I was patient and ended up with a great look. I love it. So big, and perfect. I want more in different colors and shapes.
I had this unruly succulent with no home - may my new planter tame it!

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