Friday, November 30, 2012

EAST Austin Studio Tour 2012 Wrap-up

Just as I expected, EAST delivered tons upon tons of art this year. The tour was massive and great and we were worn out souls by the time it was done. Damn, Austin has some unbelievable artists.
Jessica Wagner had so many wonderful pieces. I encourage you to check out her website. Such detailed visual impact and mental stimulation.
Anis Mojgani. Oh man ... his pieces were amazing. Swear I wanted everything. Not to mention he's a poet too.
This Angry Elephant was mad, huge, and awesome. Another great piece by Manik Nakra. This man paints with purpose and power.
This is the Wardenclyffe Gallery -- just as much art goin' on the outside as the inside!
The UP Collective had tons of artists.
Michelle John (at UP). This piece is killer in person.
Taylor Browning, also at UP. The kitsch factor on this painting is so good.
Amazing big ol' piece at Obsolete Industries. Toni Ardizzone. His collection of work is the shit.
Arts and Recreation. Holy heck this spot was so cool. Their pieces (yes that is a wall) are collaborative works on wood.
Another piece from Arts and Recreation. See what I'm saying? Kills.
Andrew Keul (and I believe another artist). One of my fav spots on the tour. They had so much good art everywhere and the best vibe. Could have hung all day.
Squid Ink Kollective, I love thee! Always something rad going.
Red Bluff Rodeo at The Barn was a culmination of tons of artists, all in, yup, a barn.
Thoughtbarn at the Barn. I want that patch!
Jeffrey Swanson. One of my most fav Austin artists. I already own two of his pieces and constantly crave another.
A few other spots/artists that were amazing but I didn't grab pics of are Jaelah Kuehmichel, Super! Alright!, and Nick Schnitzer.
It's a done deal for another killer year ... drinks are gone, art has been bought, and art has been sold (mad thanks to all who came out to see our art).
Until next year ... See ya'll later.
**y'all pic via Co-Lab

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