Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father Knows Best

Our garage is our "retirement fund". My husband is convinced every t-shirt, magazine, record, tape, cd, magazine, etc. that he's had over the last 25 years in his music career will be worth tons some day. This takes up half the space. I have the bad combination of being cheap with good intentions. My half consists of "good deals" - furniture to be "fixed" at some point when I have the money and time. It got to be bad in there, so hubby cleaned out the garage for heavy trash day. I went to go check it out a few days later and found this. Which is just a perfect combo of us both, including those kids. He found this record player in Erie, PA and brought it home. The red vinyl toy box it's on too. We still have the naked lady ice cubes. I have a whole collection of naked lady stuff, but I couldn't display it once I had kids. I'm not brave enough for that conversation. Bottoms up! I have more of this stuff too. What's a lounge without a disco ball. Or a Knifedance poster? I was totally impressed and desperately want an exposed rock wall in my house now.

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