Thursday, December 8, 2011

E.A.S.T. Austin Art Tour 2011

The E.A.S.T. Austin art tour, as I have mentioned before, is my single most favorite event in Austin. It is my chance to overdose on all the amazing art Austin has to offer. This year was solid gold, well except for the studio we ran out of (and I do mean ran)! We really hit a ton of studios and really hit some amazing shows. I wanted to buy everything. EVERYTHING! Here's just a few of the many amazing artists we were lucky enough to see.

Found at one of my favorite stops every year, Industry Print Shop. As always, tons of great art/artists and I liked the new digs.
I'm afraid I don't know the artist's name, but her paintings were these huge beautiful/powerful pieces. Epic impact. Shown at Artpost.
Adreon Henry .... one of my favorite artists in town, really mind blowing forward thinking art. Super! Alright! was loaded with lots and lot of his pieces - an incredibly wide range of styles.
This piece was part of the Mofoz Visualz exhibit at Victory Grill. They had tons of art on display; a lot of street and young artists. Charlie Chauvin nailed it. Jesus + crunk juice = genius. ... Yes, yes indeed. Wow. Erin Curtis's work blew us away. The most unbelievable colors - so vibrant and full of life. Really check her website to get the full effect, and her house was fantastic too!
We stop by David Leonard's house every year. I love his city paintings and the color pallet. Blues ... greys with pops of color mixed in. Amazes me every time.
Willie!!!! Anne Gegung Madden had tons and tons of Willie Nelsons. Fantastic right?! Loved everyone one of those Willie's.
This was at the Pump Project Art Complex. Not sure of the artist ... but love the image.
Amber Kappe's series of luchadores paintings were kickass crazy. Probably one of my most fav. stops. Her color, detail, and presentation - fantastic. I wanted every one of them. Someday ....
Kafka Lenton's pieces had a very 3-d feeling with tons of energy/movement. His pieces were a combo of painting/mixed media/collage. A powerful instillation. Domy Bookstore's Monster show rocked it. Tons of art and artists on display. Kicked ass.
Jack King ... this dude, or should I say older gentleman really got to me. He had an amazing story to accompany his art. Read his message in the picture below, and then continue to his website to learn more and see more. It was a great year for art in Austin. I was overloaded and exhausted by the end of it all, but damn, it was a great tour.

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