Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my, neighbors

Good neighbors are hard to come by. You know, ones that keep their front yard presentable, don’t have dogs barking all night. Talk to you just enough, but aren’t breathing down you neck constantly … keep their beer bottles in their own yard, along with their dog’s poop. The ones that will keep an eye on your house and pets when you are out of town, but not rob you blind. Those kind of neighbors. Luckily, we have a neighbor like that. A nice older couple.
Well, today, they bumped themselves up from good neighbors, to great neighbors. When I came home today, this …

was waiting for me on my back porch.
Gifts from my neighbors. Just left on my porch. No note, just two lovely flamingos wearing flip flops with open wings waiting to hold potted plants.

The best part is, they left these lovely birds on my back porch, I suspect afraid someone might try and steal them off my front porch. These two pinkies take kitsch to a whole new level. How will I ever thank my awesome neighbors enough?

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