Saturday, February 6, 2010

Full Circle

So it was time to replace the off white rug in my living room. The kids, the dog, and the husband had turned it to a light brown color. Seriously, it was funked up. So after lots of thinking and looking, I decided to go with a daring deep red shag. Red is the accent color of my house. I thought, yes, this will be amazing. So, i get it home, roll it out, secure it under the couch ... and realize, it is the exact same carpet that was in my house as a child. And when i say was in my house, i mean my entire two story house was a sea of red shag carpet. Seen here, my Grandpa, kickin' it with my brother, a beer, and the red shag carpet. I have come to terms with my red shaggy choice. I was just yearning for my childhood ... subconsciously.

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